University of Strathclyde

L2426: International Security, Fall 2013

L2908: Quantitative Methods: Statistics and Analysis (Graduate Level), Spring 2014

L 2312: War, Terrorism and Conflict, Spring 2014

L2202: Comparative Politics, Fall 2014 (scheduled)

Emory University

POLS 490: Election and Domestic Opponents, a senior seminar class co-taught with Dr. Jennifer Gandhi, Fall 2010. We taught leadership survival and the role of elections in both democracies and non-democracies. syllabus

Teaching Assistant

POLS 513: Introductory Game Theory (Ph.D. level), teaching assistant to Dr. Cliff Carruba, Spring 2010.  Ran weekly review sections.

POLS 208: Political Science Methods, teaching assistant to Dr. Eric Reinhardt, Fall 2010. Ran weekly lab sessions and review sections.

POLS 120: Introduction to Comparative Politics, teaching assistant to Dr. Hubert Tworzecki, Spring 2011.

POLS  110: Introduction to International Politics, teaching assistant to Dr. David Davis, Spring 2013.